11 Secrets to a Sexier Holiday

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Extra Special Ideas For an Exotic Excursion

When a couple is planning a honeymoon or a getaway for just the two of them, they may get so caught in the planning phase, that they forget to plan for romance. No matter how stressful planning the trip gets, it is simple to make plans for sweet nothings. There are easy and cost-effective ways to add some romance to your rest and relaxation time.

1. Pack For a Pleasurable Trip

Put items in your suitcase that are tailored to your preferences as a couple. Some ideas that may induce a romantic interlude are: tealights and votive holders, bubble bath, an MP3 player pre-programmed with a romantic playlist and luxury adult sex toys (trust us on this!). Bring a box or tiny treasure chest to collect memorable items from the trip. The two of you will love reliving these memories for a really long time.

Couples Adult Toys Gift Box

2. Fulfil Your Fantasies

When you are alone in the arms of the one that you love, do all you can to make it a marvellous experience. Do things you would never do in your domestic home front. Discuss each other’s fantasies and dreams and discover new things about each other. Dare to dream big, and make it the best trip possible.

3. Location, Location, Location

The destination determines the mood of the whole vacation. Select a location that speaks romance. Go to a place that is close to your home, but stay in a posh place. Visit a place that is new to the both of you so you can discover and explore it together as couple and create memories that all your own.

4. Say No To Smart Phones And Social Media

To make sure there are no distractions, disconnect. You and your spouse or significant other need time together without any modern technology. If you are concerned about potential emergencies, let them go to voicemail and you can check them later.

5. Search For a Special Souvenir

Bring something back home that you can watch or touch after you get home. It does not have to cost a lot. It should just be something that the two of you will love and that will remind you of your lovely time together.

6. Plan a Picnic

Bring a special bottle of champagne for the two of you to enjoy together. Along with the champagne, get cheese, fruit, chocolate, and french bread. Go to a scenic rest area or stop close to where you are going to stay. This will be a great beginning to a wonderful getaway.


7. Be Less Serious And More Silly

It is absolutely important to act up, have fun, and be silly. Think about fun thing that you can do together. Chase each other around the room, have a pillow fight, or tickle each other. These fun activities will make a couple have fun and be more casual with each other and more comfortable together.

8. Circumvent The Crowds

While on a romantic trip, try to keep away from the crowds. Every town has terrific places for tourists to visit outside of the most popular attractions. For an experience that will give the two of you more one-on-time, look for attractions and museums that are not as well-known. You can also visit the popular attractions out-of-season or early in the morning (before it gets busy for the day).

9. Do a Discovery Date

Do you and your spouse or significant other have a passion for caves, antiques, whales, good wine, or rock and roll memorabilia? If so, plan a quest trip for just the two of you. Psychology Today said in one of their articles that couples who participate in exciting adventures together are more happy and romantic than couples that do run-of-the-mill things together.

10. Make Your Fun Far Out

Do not do something obvious, go on an out of the ordinary date. Sleep under the stars together, and watch meteor showers. Re-create the season that you met complete with clothing, food,music, and love letters, if they are available. Stay in different types of places like a railroad caboose that has a hot tub in it and a great breakfast.

sexy couples activities

11. Find Cause For a Celebration

Celebrate many different occasions, not just your anniversary. The first day of a season, honouring an achievement, or surviving a stressful time are all good causes for celebration. To celebrate this, take a weekend and make the experience grand by going for broke by staying in luxurious accommodations and other indulgences. Some hotels have amenities like champagne, couples massages, front row tickets, and dinners on a private balcony.

If you utilise all or some of these ideas to make your exotic excursion excellent, then your romantic getaway will be great and something that you will really remember forever. Couple time is a need, and when you need this time away, these great ideas will make your experience awesome and absolutely unforgettable.

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